Crisis in homeopathy: remedy resistance

There has been a lot of focus recently on antibiotic resistance and the problems it causes, but less attention has been paid to the current crisis in homeopathy: remedy resistance.

Put briefly, remedy resistance is what happens when the body is constantly subjected to remedies and the miasms which disorder the vital force mutate to become resistant.

Unfortunately, the way water is constantly recycled around the planet in rain, rivers and processing plants mean that water is in constant agitation (or “succussion” to give it its magic “like shaking only different” name). Virtually every substance known to man is identified as a remedy, usually for a broad range of overlapping symptoms, and all of these things are likely to have been in contact with water at some point, so we are constantly saturated with every possible remedy in virtually every possible potency.

I asked someone who is qualified to practice homeopathy in the UK, what this means for the haeling art of homeopathy. This was easy since I am in fact so qualified, having all the required training mandated by law for practice as a homeopath.

“It’s lucky”, I said, “that we still have remedies like light of venus and mobile phone radiation, which can be collected in isolation from water, otherwise we’d have nothing left in our chest”.

The Prince of Wales was unavailable for comment as he was giving an interview to a daffodil at the time.