Dec 162013

A group of loons promoting “energy psychology” (a form of woo roughly as intelligible as Time Cube and infinitely less entertaining) have started a petition to demand: Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia: Create and enforce new policies that allow for true scientific discourse about holistic approaches to healing. There are one or two problems with this. [...]


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Nov 102013

A repeatable factor in debates with advocates of quackery is the assertion that skeptics are “ill-informed”. Usually the stridency with which this is asserted rises the more obviously well-informed the skeptic is, especially in areas where the quacks know they are vulnerable. A recent newsletter from the Australian Traditional Medicine Society is a good example: [...]

Nov 092013

Recent developments in Texas offer an intriguing test case for commentators on woo. Six months ago a series of three documents were obtained under the US Freedom of Information Act which even seasoned Burzynski-watchers could scarcely believe. The first of these has already been released some time  ago; this was the report on the Institutional [...]

Oct 252013
Junk Science? Number 62: Skeptic pawns of Big Pharma out to silence WDDTY

Every now and then, Chris Woo – sorry, Chris Woollams – sets the old WTF-o-meter off with another rant. And sometimes those rants reference other rants, and sometime those other rants positively beg for a good fisking. This is one of those. Junk Science? Number 62: Skeptic pawns of Big Pharma out to silence WDDTY [...]

Oct 142013
Skeptics - profits before patients?

“Skeptics – profits before patients?” is the latest incoherent rambling wibble from Chris Woo – sorry, Woollams, the self-styled “UK’s number 1 cancer researcher”, founder and driving force behind the execrable CANCERactive, abuser of the libel laws and careless idiot. It is characteristic of Woollams: a mix of paranoid conspiracy theories, straw men, ad hominem [...]

Sep 242013

I love a good rhetorical question. Spamming germ theory denialist homeopathy whacknut Ellen Kramer (@EllenKramer) of the “College” Of Practical Homeopathy (above Santander in Finchley High Road) poses the question: “Is Allopathy Healing Or More About Power, Profit & Control?” Healing, Ellen. Thanks for asking. Oh, but wait: Ellen has an alternative answer from her [...]

Sep 112013
Homeopathic Potencies Identified By A New Magnetic Resonance Method: Homeopathy "An Energetic Medicine"

Another day, another pseudoscientist. Summary: Credulous believer puts homeopathic remedies into a perpetual motion machine and proves that the laws of conservation of energy are bunk, thanks to the miraculous powers of Hertz waves. Whatever they might be. Caveat: This may only work if you (a) believe in Tesla conspiracy theories; (b) ensure you know [...]

Sep 052013

Dr Lionel Milgrom is no stranger to most skeptics of homeopathy. In the pursuit of pseudoscience, cargo cult science, pathological science, non-science and indeed good old fashioned nonsense, he has what the non-medical fraudster might call “form”. Conflict: Homeopathy & Science On Trial? is a book which purports to expose skeptics of homeopathy as unscientific, [...]

Aug 302013

William “Silly Billy” Alderson is a homeopath. In order to be a homeopath, obviously a level of reality denial is required. William, operator of the hilariously mistitled “Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century” or H:MC21 for short,  takes it much further. His protest outside the ASA following their publication of the comprehensive takedown of his [...]

Aug 082013
75% of in vitro experiments have found that substances as dilute as homeopathic medicines have specific effects

Yes, 75% of in vitro experiments have found that substances as dilute as homeopathic medicines have specific effects – this is the bold claim on the Society of Homeopaths’ webshite. Does it stand up? It’s based on a paper in Complementary therapies in medicine, one of the many quack journals inexplicably indexed by NIH (PubMed). The full [...]

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