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Cloudy, turning to FUD later
Musings from the cloudface on nerdy things and stuff generally related to my professional life.
Guy Chapman's Blahg
Skeptical activism - prodding the soft underbelly of quacks, crooks, frauds and charlatans.
My wiki
This is where I keep more or less static content, such as things about my model railway
No Helmet Law
A site showing that helmet laws are unnecessary and counterproductive

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Sites where I am webmaster or have provided significant technical input

  One Response to “Welcome to ChapmanCentral”

  1. I like your views on homeopathy. Unfortunately, we have greedy pharmaceuticals who just want to sell their drugs no matter what, but it does not mean we should stop believing science and its methods of testing theories/hypothesis. I really appreciate your efforts for strengthening the biomedical science. Let us crusade against whatever wrong is happening in biomedical research and pharma industry, because if we could cleanup the system, more people would start believing in the power of science.


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